Our 2023 Year in Review

12/29/23 | Palmetto Marine Restorations

As we bid farewell to another remarkable year, we at Palmetto Marine Restorations are thrilled to take a moment to reflect on our journey through 2023. It's been a year filled with exciting challenges, incredible accomplishments, and, most importantly, the opportunity to serve our valued clients and the boating community of Charleston, South Carolina.

Join us as we look back at some of the highlights that made 2023 an exceptional year for Palmetto Marine Restorations.

Started the Year Strong

We began the year with a successful comprehensive 2-step wetsand process, restoring all gelcoat surfaces to their former glory, eliminating minor damage, including cracks and chips on one of our client's vessels.

We proudly participated in the Charleston Boat Show in January, connecting with fellow boating enthusiasts and showcasing our dedication to boat detailing and maintenance.

Gtechniq Ceramic Coatings

In February, we applied a full 5-year Gtechniq Ceramic Coating to a 23-foot Sea Hunt. Prior to this, we prepared the boat with scratch removal, decal removal, and extensive buffing and polishing.

Saving the Scout

We successfully completed a total rust and mold removal process on a Scout boat that had gone untouched by a detailer for two decades.

Keel Repair and Guard Application

The Spring season started with a Pioneer boat in need of a keel repair and a keel guard application. We ensured the vessel's structural integrity while applying the necessary protection. Following this, we embarked on a 3-step wetsand, compound polish, and hand wax process.

Shop Opening

This year marked a significant milestone as we opened our first shop location, enhancing our services and providing a secure space for detailing, painting, and restoration work.

Haul-Out Services Added for Convenience

Recognizing the diverse needs of boat owners, we introduced haul-out services for vessels, offering comprehensive solutions for maintenance, repairs, or storage.

Wax Maintenance Packages

Throughout the year, we welcomed more clients to our wax maintenance packages and quarterly wash plans, strengthening our commitment to ongoing boat care and maintenance.

Restoring Countless Vessels Throughout Charleston

We had the privilege of restoring countless vessels throughout Charleston, South Carolina, and beyond, bringing back the shine and a brand-new look to each boat and adding a new level of satisfaction for our clients.

Marine Bottom Painting Services

Throughout the year, our commitment to comprehensive boat care expanded to include more extensive marine bottom painting services and hull painting/hull protection, ensuring optimized performance.

Saving Another Vessel

October brought a remarkable achievement as we saved a vessel that had sustained excessive damage from going over a jetdock. Our team's expertise and dedication shone through as we restored the boat to its former glory.

Collaborations & Certifications

Throughout 2023, collaboration remained at the heart of our efforts. We partnered with other detailers and boat repair businesses. We also joined forces with industry-leading brands such as Gtechniq, Quantum, Hull Max, and Armus Hull Pro, enriching our knowledge and enhancing the quality of services we offer.

2023 has been a year of growth, innovation, and unyielding dedication to our clients and the art of boat detailing. As we move forward into 2024, we remain committed to setting new standards, embracing challenges, and continuing to provide the Charleston boating community with exceptional service and results!

Thank you for being a part of our journey and supporting Palmetto Marine Restorations. Here's to many more years of boat care, restoration, and the pursuit of excellence. Happy boating

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